Practical information - Campsites

Below you can find the locations where we have stopped for the night, including GPS coordinates.

Buenos Aires

Parking Buquebus terminal, guarded 24 hr (S34 35.673 W58 22.142)

Camping Piedras Coloradas, J.J. Paso & Pasaje Ansaldi (S32 13.378 W58 07.866)
Termas de Almirón (S32 21.422 W57 16.095)
Las Cañas
Near beach, access via Administracion 1 (S33 09.600 W58 21.457)
Near Playa Seré (S34 00.519 W58 17.672)
In front of camping Brisas del Plata (Parque San Pedro) (S34 21.657 W57 54.417)
ANCAP Gas Station @ Punta Carretas. Friendly staff, 24 hr security. (S34 55.728 W56 09.767)
Camping Arequita, Av. Balneario Magri (km 12) (S34 16.916 W55 16.740)
La Paloma
Camping La Aquada, Ruta 15 (km 2,5) (S34 38.708 W54 09.417)
Parque Nacional Santa Teresa Right at beach (don't think this is allowed though) (S33 59.130 W53 31.967)
Barra del Chuy Camping Chuy, Ramal Ruta 9 (S33 45.332 W53 23.740)
BR-116 Posto north of Sao Lorenço do Sul (S31 14.176 W51 59.951)
Gramado Camping AABB, off the road to Canela (S29 21.833 W50 51.742)
Cambaro do Sul Pousada Corucacas - Fazenda Baio Ruano (S29 02.212 W50 08.698)
Torres Camping Carla (S29 19.834 W49 45.531)
Florianopolis Camping at Lagoa da Conceição (S27 36.608 W48 26.977)
Pomerode Square behind the entry gate (S26 44.597 W49 10.474)
Curitiba Posto on BR-116 towards Sao Paulo km 14 (S25 22.772 W49 09.119)
Iporonga Nucleo Santana, next to the house of our guide (S24 33.369 W48 40.755)
Campinas (1) Camping & Parque Aquático Macuco (S23 00.992 W47 03.304)
(2) Posto north of Campinas (S22 46.736 W47 13.938)
BR-050 Posto near Araguari (S18 39.647 W48 09.660)

(1) Posto Shell along BR-020 (S15 51.352 W47 57.390)
(2) Youth Hostel Brasilia (S15 46.124 W47 54.637)

BR-153 Posto near Jaraguá (S15 51.475 W49 16.196)
BR-070 Posto in Jussara
BR-070 Posto in Primavera do Leste (S15 33.801 W54 17.792)
Transpantaneira (Pantanal north) Pousada Piuval (S16 22.900 W56 37.273)
BR-364 Posto near Rondonopolis (S16 25.326 W54 42.250)
BR-163 Posto in Bandeirantes (S19 55.157 W54 22.201)
Estrada Parque (Pantanal south) Pousada Passo do Lontra (S19 34.672 W57 01.287)

(1) Camping next to Balneario Municipal (S21 10.501 W56 26.869)
(2) Camping at Pousada do Peiralta (S21 07.086 W56 30.050)

BR-163 Posto after Itaquirai
BR-277 Posto Shell in Cascavel (near Iveco dealer) (S24 58.176 W53 23.675)
Foz do Iguassu Youth hostel Paudimar Campestre (along the road to the Brazilian side of the falls) (S25 35.945 W54 31.467)

Parque Manantial (500m from Ruta 6)
(S27 05.109 W55 39.826)

Ruta 1 Parador Touring Club, right after the peage in Villa Florida
Asunción Restaurant Westfalia (S25 19.781 W57 37.730)
Ruta 81 (Argentina) Gas Station along the road (S24 41.971 W60 35.622)
Tartagal Gas station (S22 31.087 W63 47.694)
Road to Tarija

In front of house along the road. Very friendly people! (S21 25.195 W63 57.600)

Tarija (Coimata) Parking lot of Hotel La Paserela (owned by very friendly Belgian-French couple) (S21 30.197 W64 48.299)
Tupiza Hotel Reina Mora (S21 26.735 W65 42.968)
Potosí Gas station Senor de la Vera Cruz (S19 38.972 W65 47.566)
Sucre Hostal Austria (S19 02.310 W65 14.788)
Pulacayo In town (S20 23.554 W66 42.017)
Uyuni Minutemen Pizza (S20 27.914 W66 49.495)
Salar de Uyuni Isla Pescador (S20 08.431 W67 48.710)
San Juan Next to hospedaje Magia de San Juan (S20 53.955 W67 46.000)
Villa Alota

At town entrance (S21 24.204 W67 36.034)

Laguna Colorada At building of Guardeparques (S22 10.508 W67 49.173)
Sol de Manana Next to geysers (S22 26.121 W67 45.265)
San Pedro de Atacama Municipal Parking Lot (S22 55.862 W68 11.324)

(1) Shell Gas Station
(2) Hotel

Purmamarca In town (S23 44.713 W65 29.893)
Lagunas in Yala Along the road to the lagunas next to water company (S24 07.248 W65 27.759)
Salta Municipal Camping ground (S24 48.738 W65 25.138)
Cafayate Camping Luz y Fuerza (S26 04.722 W65 58.519)
Tafí del Valle Camping
Belen Parking lot of transportation company (S27 39.969 W67 01.144)
Fiambala Right at the Termas
Talampaya At park entrance
Valle Fértil Camping Valle Fértil (S30 37.999 W67 28.726)
San Juan Campsite at Dique Ullum (S31 26.429 W68 39.988)
Caucete YPF gas station (S31 38.740 W68 17.155)
La Cumbre Free standing (S30 58.951 W64 28.953)
Valle Hermoso Camping
Cordoba Municipal Camping (S31 21.577 W64 15.791)
Villa Belgrano Camping Florida (S31 58.359 W64 32.681)
Dean Funes Camping Municipal
El Mollar Camping near the lake (S26 55.189 W65 42.074)
Cafayate Camping Luz y Fuerza (S26 04.722 W65 58.519)
Cachi Camping Municipal (S25 07.125 W66 09.985)
Salta Municipal Camping
Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena Camping Municipal El Descanso (S26 47.948 W60 23.209)
San Ignacio Playa del Sol camping along Rio Parana (S27 15.971 W55 34.069)
Yapeyú El Paraiso Yapeyú (Bungalows) (S29 28.023 W56 48.651)
Camping Piedras Coloradas (S32 13.378 W58 07.866)
Buenos Aires

Parking Buquebus terminal (S34 35.673 W58 22.142)

Miramar Campsite (S38 14.033 W57 46.668)
Monte Hermoso Camping Americano along the beach (S38 59.127 W61 21.104)
Balneario El Condor Free standing along the beach (S41 03.382 W62 50.106)
Puerto Pirámides Free standing along the bay (S42 34.614 W64 16.596)
Puerto Madryn Motorhome parking along the bay (S42 47.056 W65 00.158)
Reserva Faunistica Punta Tombo Free standing at park entrance (S44 02.708 W65 14.261)
Camarones Camping Municipal (S44 48.035 W65 42.470)
Rada Tily Free standing in the street (S45 56.193 W67 33.526)
Sarmiento Free standing in the street (in front of Hilda's house) (S45 35.005 W69 04.047)
Rio Mayo Free standing in the street (S45 41.221 W70 15.476)
Coyhaique Camping Alborada (S45 33.153 W72 04.009)
Along Carretera Austral Campsite at the lake shore 10 km from Cisnes Medio (S44 47.860 W72 12.132)
PN Quelat Camping in the National Park (S44 28.234 W72 32.894)
Puyuhuapi Free standing near the gas station (next to the lake) (S44 19.584 W72 33.970)
Futaleufú Free standing near main square (S43 11.011 W71 51.889)
PN Los Alerces Free camping Playa Frances (S42 47.458 W71 43.420)
El Bolson (1) Camping Cervezeria El Bolson (S41 56.486 W71 32.283)
(2) At the house of Friedl and Gaby
Villa Angostura Camping Entracada 10 km out of town (S40 50.349 W71 31.814)
Seven lake route Free camping along the road (S40 27.254 W71 32.361)
PN Lanin Estacionamente before Tromen pass
Villarica Near the lake shore, free standing
Cobquecura Free standing at the beach near sea-lion colony
San Raphael Copec gasstation along Panamericana
Talca Copec gasstation along Panamericana
Batuco In the garden of Helge


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